About Us

Our Story

Introducing NB Marketplace: a unique concept created for insurance industry professionals to elevate the lives of their consumers through year-round access to a complete line of non-insured benefits, voluntary insurance products, and many other products and services.

Where Did We Come From?

For over 30 years, our parent company, New Benefits, has been disrupting the non-insured benefits space by aggregating the most sought after products/services on one platform through first-to-market technology.

What Are We?

NB Marketplace is a robust marketplace developed to create white label digital storefronts for all elements of the insurance industry. Insurance companies, consulting/brokerage firms, agencies, TPAs, and BenAdmin platforms can now present their consumers with products and services at enrollment, off-cycle, for up-sell opportunities, and direct-to-consumer — all on one easy to use, technologically advanced platform.

Why Do You Need Us?

As we’ve seen, the world can drastically change in an instant, and people rely on their insurance professionals to adapt with readily available solutions just as quickly. Unrestricted by regular benefit cycles, NB Marketplace opens the opportunity for marketers to utilize an easy, secure platform to sell popular benefits and products year-round.